These last weeks have been very rich for me. So much have opened up and so much have bloomed. With the richness of life comes the ying and yang of everything. In one single day I often experience intense gratitude and love when later this might change to sadness and confusion, or the other way around. I welcome it all, it is all part of my journey. And I feel so blessed to live such intense and enriching life I would not like to have it in any other way. It is also a great reminder that to be able to feel and experience pure intense love you also need to be able to handle the opposite; fear and grief.

Previously I have written a lot about Law of Attraction and that we are the creator of our life and experiences. Sometimes we might wonder why certain things happen to us, why we might experience sadness and loss. My belief is that this is all part of our journey, our learning cycle and travel of the soul. If you have not experienced grief can you then know compassion? If you haven’t allowed yourself to love from a pure place will you then ever feel fulfilled? I practise Law of Attraction to shape my life but also believe there are lessons from beyond that only our soul can understand. If you knew about the pain in your future would you dare to live? Would you dare to love and dream?

I have some experiences that I have previously wished I could delete from my life. What I have come to understand is that all these events and everything I’ve been through are assets to me and to others. It is as if they complete the puzzle in the Universe and therefore also my life and relationships. I dearly love and cherish my sensitivity that has been born out of this, and since I accepted the feelings some years back it has become a huge strength. And without my background this blog would never have been created and I would not have the longing to share with and inspire others being on the path where I am right now. Everything has a purpose.

I wish with all of my heart that everyone in this world would be awaken and feel their existence – what a gift it is to be alive. I know it is not possible since we are all on different paths. And I also appreciate that the variety of people and their beliefs are enriching my life. I have heard so many stories from other women and men about their difficulties in life and even though I have not experienced exactly the same as they did I always feel a connection and understanding, especially when they share from their heart. And there might be others who live in a completely different space than yourself which may be challenging. I had a couple of incidents yesterday when my ego was triggered; one was a woman on the bus who refused to give away the spare seat next to her by ignoring me and the other one was our security guard who made a joke behind my back. In both cases I decided to relate to them with love and allowed some time for reflection to understand what they might have meant. Perhaps the old woman on the bus was uncomfortable speaking English (she was Chinese) rather than ignorant? And the security guard might have spoken with appreciation rather than irony? It doesn’t really matter in the end what their intention were. The important thing for me was to deal with my emotions and reactions. This is why I welcome the un-wanted since it helps me to grow, to understand myself better and to practise unconditional love for others. It is also an opportunity of choice for deciding when it is worth having an argument. Is it really worth it? What would I gain from feeling angry with somebody else?

Look at your life as an exciting journey. There are many bits and pieces along the way and those are what makes it to be you. Love it, every bit of it!

With Love & Gratitude to you,

I would like to share the following poem with you;

The Guesthouse

This being human is a guesthouse. Every moment a new arrival.
A joy, a depression, a meanness, some momentary awareness comes as an unexpected visitor.
Welcome and entertain them all!
Even if they’re a crowd of sorrows who violently sweep your house empty of its furniture.
Still treat your guest honourably.
He may be clearing you out for some delight!
The dark thought, the shame, the malice, meet them at the door laughing and invite them in.
Be grateful for whatever comes, because each has been sent as a guide from the beyond.

~ written by Rumi and kindly shared by pathoflove.net

Attracting abundance


Abundance by Nancy Stone, Vermont Watercolour Society



There is an over all abundance in the world we’re living in so you don’t really need to attract it, it is our natural state of being. However, due to blocks that we have built by fears, negative affirmations and beliefs we hinder the flow of abundance to reach us. We simply are not aligned with what we deserve and what we truly want.

To start allowing abundance there are some simple steps you can take.

First of all, reflect on your believes. If there is money you want to receive do you have thoughts like “Money only comes with hard work”, “Money doesn’t grow on trees” or “I will never be rich, it is just not for me”? Did you grow up with parents that were working hard to pay for their costs of living? Then this has probably affected you and the first step is to become aware of the thoughts you have around money. Take a piece of paper and write down your believes. If they are not to your satisfaction simply re-write them. Your experience of the world as it is, is in your hands. How do you want to live?

Secondly, start to pay attention to the thoughts that are keeping your mind busy. What are you saying to yourself? Many times we have no idea of how pessimistic our own inner voice can be. Do the same exercise as previously, grab a pen and paper and write down what your inner critical voice is saying. How are you talking to yourself? Is there mistrust? Or belief you are not worthy to have what you want in life? When becoming aware of this you can monitor your thoughts daily and simply say “Stop!” when you had too much. The thoughts will never go away but your believes will change. Be patient, this will take some practise.

Thirdly I’d say love and appreciation. Be happy and grateful for everything you have in your life. Including yourself. Write or draw on a piece of paper all the qualities and things you appreciate in your life and then use another paper to write what you love about yourself. The difference between greed and allowing the abundance is that you will feel much happier, and the things you dream of will come to you much quicker since you are already in the state of happiness.

With Love and wishes for abundance,

P.S. Did you know that I am teaching how to apply the Law of Attraction? If you would like to find out more about how you can change your life then email me at annsofie@smalltalkaboutbiglove.com


Thank you, thank you, thank you! Such powerful words and so easy to say. Remember to thank everyone, everything and also yourself for being an amazing and loving human being. The more you give thanks the more you will receive. The key is to share your happiness, gratefulness and love unconditionally and freely without expectations, then you will fly over the moon of joy!

What are you missing in your life right now? Start attracting it by saying thanks to what you already have. Only when you accept your circumstances and feel gratefulness a change can come about. I know it may sound contradictable to love what you in fact dislike but by accepting what is, you will relax and this state of mind takes you to a level of receiving. When your heart is soft and willing to open up then you will also receive what there is you are dreaming of.

With Love and wishes for abundance,

With a new year round the corner it is time to start reflecting on the year that has passed and your goals and dreams for 2011. What is it that you truly desire and want to experience in your life? Are you satisfied with your life or would you like to make some changes?

If you are familiar with the Law of Attraction you also know that anything is possible. Whatever it is you want to have, be or do it is there for you. The trick is to align yourself with your future, as if it would already have happened. And when you do this you will also experience such satisfaction that it is as if you don’t need the new car, job or partner you’ve been asking for. Life feels amazing just how it is! If you manage to do this you have great success ahead of you. Feeling blissful and satisfied is exactly what you need to do to attract even more gifts in the future.

For those of you who live in Singapore I will be teaching an evening class specifically about how to make your dreams come true in 2011. One of the most powerful techniques to change your life is to write down what you want as if you already have it. And on top of that to feel grateful for it as it is already accomplished! Are you ready to make your dreams come true? I am!


YOUR IDEAL SCENE 2011 with Ann-Sofie
19 January 2011, 7.30-9.30pm
Reiki Centre,
42A Joo Chiat Place, Singapore 427766

The fun Law of Attraction evening gets you thinking differently and introduces you to games and techniques you can put into practice to begin seeing positive change in your life.  In this workshop we are focusing primarily on writing our ‘Ideal Scene’ for 2011.

It’s so simple and so effective.  Once you write down what you want more of in your life, and put the right intention behind it, you will be amazed at how your year unfolds!

The style of Law of Attraction that Ann-Sofie teaches is based on Esther Hicks’ book ‘Ask and it is Given’ as well as her own life experiences using the teachings to move jobs, attract her husband as well as a new home in a new continent. Once you understand how it works your life becomes magical with many opportunities crossing your path.

Join me for a fun evening and begin 2011 on the right footing!

Fee: $50 on the door
Email: booking@reikicentre.com.sg



[This is a question written by one of the readers in response to the post “How to attract true love into your life – today!” which is answered by Ann-Sofie;]

How long am I supposed to wait for the man God created for me? I have worked on myself for the better part of 2010. I love myself, I go where I want to go and engage in activities that I have always wanted to. I have ended dead-end relationships. I have mended my relationship with my father. Daily, I list the things for which I am grateful. I affirm. I give thanks. I meditate on having him. I have prayed. I have created lists of the qualities he has. I have created vision boards. I have joined online dating sites. I have informed my friends and family of my intention to marry. I have encouraged my friends in their relationships. I have even called prayer lines and had someone else pray that I meet him.

And guess what I have. Nothing!!! Not a thing!! I have only gone on one date in the past year. I am so tired of going to bed alone. When will it be my turn? I am so frustrated and tired of being alone. This year, I underwent a double mastectomy (did I mention that I am only 36 years old). I went through the most challenging year of my life, with a smile on my face. But he is nowhere to be found. I have lost all hope and faith in ever finding him, as all of that work is tiring….


[Reply by Ann-Sofie;]

Dear Tamara,

Let me first say that you are amazingly brave going through the surgeries. I am grateful you are feeling well and don’t underestimate the time it can take to recover emotionally after going through this experience. In my response to your question I will be very honest and direct but please know that this comes from my heart.

When I read your words I can feel a lot of pain. Perhaps since I am so familiar with this deep inner longing for love. I was looking too – everywhere – for Mr Right. Couldn’t understand why a nice girl like me couldn’t find love like everyone else. But the key was, and this is what I believe is essential for you, is to let go. Completely let go of everything; the stress, the activities of finding the man of your dreams and most of all talking about that you cannot find him. Think about it, aren’t one most attractive when you are not available or not interested rather than desperate? People in happy relationships tend to draw a lot of attention to themselves and that is because they are relaxed, satisfied and unachievable. A single person wanting a relationship is many times not satisfied since he or she is constantly reminded of the lack of love. What ever you want to attract into your life you cannot manifest it from a space of desperation, it can only happen when you feel the abundance, that you are ok and everything is well. The truth is that the Universe have so much to offer to all of us that there is no limit to it, the only hindrance is our own mind and vibration. You mention that you are “so tired of being alone” and this is what you need to turn around to “I love and enjoy hanging out with myself”, “All is well” and “Everything I need is given to me”.

So this is what you need to work on; fill your life with so much love and happiness that you almost forget about looking for Mr Right. Let go of it. Completely. Trust me, this will work.

The Universe well know that you are single and have asked for that special someone. The mistake is that you are resisting to receive the love since you are not in alignment with what you are asking for. How do you feel when you picture your future husband? Excited? Happy? Ecstatic? Well in that case you need to start feeling those emotions in your everyday life too, without Mr Right, to be able to align your present with your future. Going from unhappy to crazy in love is a huge step. But going from happy and satisfied to be completely loved up with someone is a very small move. Do you see the difference? It is hard, I know, but it will work. Life always have challenges for us and I believe that one of the lessons we all need to learn is how to love and take care of ourselves. You are the most important person in your life. And by loving yourself and being comfortable on your own before meeting your future husband, you also do yourself a huge favour since you will be more secure and confident with him. If you are too clingy and co-dependent then that will give you problems in a marriage as well.

I know you have committed a lot of time to healing and loving yourself but the truth is that this is a life-long journey and we all need to work on it. And let yourself be curious about life. There is so much more than being in a relationship. I would recommend to open up more to love by dancing and celebrating. Biodanza for example does wonders in terms of feeling more complete and loved. You receive and feel so much love for yourself that you are floating on the air back home! Check it out or anything else you might think raise your energy. Healing and enquiry also need to be balanced with love, joy and freedom, that is what I want to pass on to you.

All the best of luck. You are an amazing and unique person, remember that!

Please do stay in touch.
With Love,


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I have recently started to receive messages and reminders about the Law of Attraction whilst sleeping. When I wake up I can remember the words very clearly. This morning I woke up with the words “To receive you first have to ask“.

It might sound simple but think about it; how many times don’t we complain about not having what we want? And that is many times without even asking for it to begin with!

In my dream I was looking to find a matching pair of pens and felt frustrated since the shop had run out of stock, so I could only purchase one. That was when I heard/thought that to receive I first have to ask. And when waking up I felt an urge to share this message about how important it is to ask to be able to have what you want. To complain without asking is simply pointless without first even given it a chance to be available. It is like complaining in the restaurant that you don’t receive any food when you in the first place haven’t even placed an order with the waiter. I knew this since before but it was a good reminder that we all are in control of our own life.

Let it be a pen or something bigger in life that you need to attract you first have to ask for it. Don’t do what I did in my dream and complain or think negative thoughts. You are the director of your life, simply decide what should be in your movie and let it come to you. You don’t fire the actress for not doing their job if they don’t know what is asked of them right? You have to be clear with what you want and what you need.

Next time you moan about something that is missing or lacking in your life, stop and ask yourself if you have made it clear enough what you really desire. If not, then write a wish list about it, think positive and feel happy as if you already have it in your life. It will come to you in no time since you now have made it clear to the Universe what you truly desire.

Enjoy your life, it is all there for you!

With Love,



Awakening of Love
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Awakening of Love is a unique and powerful 2-day workshop designed to shake the cobwebs off your heart and give you a taste of the Path of Love process.
For all sorts of reasons we find ourselves shut down or closed off and in a state of hurt and protection. This can show up as heartache, blame, isolation, unhealthy relationships, anger, resignation or addiction. We long for something else and we often don’t know where to start looking.
Awakening of Love is for people who truly want change in their lives.
We work with honest, loving self-exposure, supporting you to connect with your true value and essence through unique exercises and meditations. You will get clearer at reading, understanding and knowing your authentic self.
These two days will ignite your passion to realise your true potential and to live with an open heart. From this place of clarity, self-belief and trust, anything is possible.

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Personal coaching in Finding True Love with Law of Attraction

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Last week I had a free tour at a local gym since I am interested in a membership. They offered me a free dance class and I had a lot of fun feeling the effect of the workout which made me smile, laugh and becoming more energised. I simply love dancing.

Afterwards a gym instructor introduced me the machines and weights available whilst asking me “So what is your goal?”. My answer was simple and straight from the heart; “to have fun, I love group exercises. I have always trained because it is fun” I said. This answer was not of satisfaction to the gym instructor at all so he then asked me again but in a more direct way “What about losing weight?… or if you look at your bum from the side you can see that it needs some tightening”. This for me came as a shock, I have never even considered losing weight since this has never been an issue for me. And even more shocking was that he was telling this to people to give them a reason to hiring him for classes.

The reason I am sharing this is that in what ever area of our life; body figure, work, partner or lifestyle no one else has the right to influence, advise or demand from us. Unless we seek advise and help of course. It is so important to listen to our own truth rather than what others are telling us, something that can be challenging at times. I am so glad I am not a teenager any longer since during that period I was battling a lot with fitting in, a battle that one can never win. The most amazing and good-looking people I know are in love with themselves. That should be the goal. And because you love yourself you want to have fun, be healthy and look after your body. It is not about losing weight so that other people can approve of you, it should be a choice you make for yourself.

I am thankful to the gym instructor since he once again reminded me of what is truly important and empowering – having fun. And he also showed me how much I have changed, how much freer I am than ten, and even five years ago. My inner journey has taught me to love myself for who I am, naked or with clothes, with no make-up or with my study glasses on. And that for me is worth a lot.

Do you feel good about your choices in life? Then that is the sign to continue. Someone once said that he only does what entertains him and make him laugh, what is not fun simply isn’t in his diary.

Make your happiness the goal and all the rest will follow automatically. Pure beauty comes from inside and it creates such glow in your eyes, brightens up your face and spread such good energy around you that you will become irresistible to anyone including yourself.

Keep loving yourself!

With much love,


"Broken Heart" by David Goehring

[This is a letter from one of my readers;


Hi Ann-Sofie, Hope you are doing good! I came across your blog while reading a post on the Osho blog. I really liked your blog and I appreciate your efforts. I think you are doing a great job with your spread love mission.  I am writing you this mail, seeking some friendly help, as I could relate to a lot of beliefs in your blog.

I am 27. I am from India and it is common here for the parents to seek a match for their kids. While my parents were searching for a match, I gradually fell in love with this amazing person. We have known each other for more than a year, but it was only this July that we slowly graduated to our new relationship. And it all happened so naturally and felt so divine, that I had every reason to believe that it would last forever. But we had to stop seeing each other after just a month. In spite of the fact that we love each other and want to spend our life together. He has to make the sacrifice due to some really difficult situations at his family side. I totally understand and respect that fact, more so because I know how much he loves me and how difficult it is for him. And I am not making any assumptions here. I have seen the pain, agony and even the tears in his eyes, which he tries to hide from perhaps even himself. And in spite of that, he is putting his family above his own happiness. And he wants me to move on. I have been trying since last 2 months, but it is not that easy. We hardly even communicate now, but nothing seems to soothe the pain of the big hole left in my heart.

My friends have been supporting, but they advice me to be practical and to move on. More so, as he has made up his mind not to keep in touch to avoid making it difficult for us to move on. He doesn’t seem to have any hope of any way we could be together. And in spite of everything, I still can’t give up. My parents, unaware of this episode, have a prospect for me, whom they want me to meet by around month end. I don’t know if I am ready to move on. I don’t want my marriage to be based on a compromise. I don’t want to involve my parents, as they will end up being anxious over something which seems out of control.

Its nobody’s fault, no one is to be blamed. But the loss is mine. I found the love of my life, true and beautiful in every sense and before I could even absorb myself completely in the experience, I am supposed to let go! Where did I go wrong? Is there any way I can bring him back or cope up with the life without him being a part of it? Is such a life possible when someone has touched your soul?

“Just me”

[Reply by Ann-Sofie;

Dear “Just me”,

I feel with you since your words definitely come from deep within. I have been heart-broken too and it is never easy to get over but just as your friends suggest, you will eventually move on but not until you are ready. Personally I don’t believe in match-making couples, especially since they are based on the parents requests and believes. Who are they to know who will touch your inner-most parts? Who are they to choose who you are gonna spend the rest of your life with? With that said though I am sure it is possible to have a connection and perhaps even fall in love with the partner over time. But as I see it you are a very romantic and emotional person, just like me, and for us compromises won’t do. Is there any way you could explain to you parents that you are not ready to get married or that they could let you get more involved in the process?

For the other part you need to appreciate more of what you shared with this very special person. Isn’t it amazing that you met someone who opened up your heart at soul-level? Aren’t you grateful for those moments you shared together? Would it make you feel any different if you consider him being Heaven-sent to show you real love, for you to learn one of the most important lessons in life? I think it might help you to look at this in a wider perspective and to understand that life is a journey of growth. We cannot always decide what will happen but do know that you are safe and your higher self present situations that is for your soul’s best knowledge. If he is meant for you, then the two of you would find a way back to each other, simply pray for experiencing what is best for everyone involved.

As for actions I would recommend you to write a good-bye letter to your dear loved one. If you decide to really send it or not is up to you. If you feel in your heart that there is a chance for the two of you then have you truly told him how you feel? Include everything you are grateful for, every special moment and memory you shared together. This will also help you to let go, look at the situation with some distance and at the same time feel grateful. We cannot decide who are to love us, all we can do is to love without expecting anything in return, a very big quest for human nature. As Osho says if love is non-possessive and non-demanding, only then you experience true love.

I would also recommend to write a love letter to yourself. Write at least three pages of pure love messages to yourself and how deeply you deserve to be loved, both from a partner but also from yourself. A good relationship always starts with yourself. It has been said many times but just as often it is being over-looked.

When you feel ready, and this can take a while, I would highly recommend a wish-list for your future husband. Even if your parents are to choose the person you can highly influence the decision with the magic of Law of Attraction. Simply write down the qualities you would like to have in your future marriage. The more grateful you feel about everything you already have, and will receive, the more it can multiply in your experience. Life is meant to be joyful and abundant and you are not an exception.

I hope this has been of help and that your heart will find some ease soon.

With Love,


*** Do you have a question for Ann-Sofie? *** It could be anything related to law of attraction, love and self-love. Please send your question to annsofie.h@gmail.com
I choose to share the emails since I believe they can help more than one person. Please know that your personal details will be protected.

Love between animals

Cat and a dog getting along? I’ve seen that before but how about a cat washing a rat lovingly rather than eating it? See it for yourself… Another proof of Universal love!